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The normal price for individuals is for the major part of the films 125 Danish Kroner/ = 17 Euros + handling. Institutions will have to pay 560 Danish Kroner = 75 Euros, + handling (10 Euros in most cases). A few films are a little cheaper if they are shorter, compare with the Danish homepage. And you can always ask.


A CITY HALL FOR ALL OCCASIONS (2010) 51 min. Directed by Nils Vest / A narrative about the Danish architect Martin Nyrop and his masterpiece, the City Hall of Copenhagen, built 1893-1905, and only realized due to the stubbornness of the architect. A dramatic and exciting story deeply rooted in both Danish and Italian history of architecture and culture, with one of the best examples of how cultural inspiration across borders can result in magnificent and artistic products. - "Eminent documentary. Fine and factual cultural history and splendid entertainment on a high level." (Berlingske Tidende) - "Nils Vest grows better and better. Charming. A little masterpiece." (Helsingør Dagblad) - "Must be seen by anyone who loves Copenhagen. Every new film by Nils Vest is an enrichening experience. "(JyllandsPosten) - English and Danish PAL version on same DVD. NTSC version available. 125 Dan. kr. (560 Dan. kr. for institutions). Blu-ray version also available (double price). Danish page - English booklet enclosed.


ROSENBORG - CHRISTIAN IV AND HIS SUMMER RESIDENCE (2007) 45 min. Directed by Nils Vest - Rosenborg - the summer residence of king Christian IV -  contains unique memories of one of Denmark’s most colourful personalities. Here, a dramatic saga unfolds based upon ‘The Big House In The Garden’, built as a private home over several periods from 1606-34. Christian IV set out as one of Europe's wealthiest rulers and ended 60 years later almost ruined, having lost not only territories, but also several children as well as the greatest yet most unfortunate love of his life, Kirsten Munk. However, he was also a king who loved music, painting and architecture and he left behind him a beautiful series of buildings and towns in Scandinavia. - “Wholeheartedly recommended! This is an enlightened, captivating look into a distant, but richly fascinating part of Danish history.” / JyllandsPosten - English and Danish PAL version on same DVD. NTSC version also available. 125 Dan. kr. (350 Dan. kr. for institutions). Available in the Rosenborg Museum Shop, the Video Shop of The Danish Film Institute or through NILS VEST FILM. Danish page


THE ARCHITECT WHO VANISHED (2005/06) 59 min. Directed by Nils Vest - Denmark's most famous 18th century architect, Nicolai Eigtved, has almost disappeared from us. There is nothing left from his private life, not even a portrait. Through this film we follow the footsteps of his life, in an attempt none the less at creating a picture of him. - Narrator: Tom McEwan - "Illuminating, attractive, splendid, knowledgeable, loving. A pleasure to watch." / Berlingske Tidende - "Really, truly magnificent. Fabulous images." / DR - "A wonderful visual experience. A thorough and entertaining film." / Information - English PAL version on DVD and VHS. Danish page

THE CHURCH OF OUR OF OUR LADY (2004) 14 min. Script by Bente Lange & Nils Vest, directed by Nils Vest - A temple built on the ruins of the old church, which was destroyed by the British bombardment in 1807 during the Napoleonic wars. The film is story about the architecture and two stubborn artists: C.F. Hansen, architect an Bertel Thorvaldsen, sculptor. - Narrator: Tom McEwan - "Beautiful and subtle." / POLITIKEN - "Highly informative and inspiring." / ARKITEKTEN - 75 Dan. kr. - on DVD only (PAL) - Also in French, German, Italian, Swedish and Danish versions, on the same DVD

AFRICA IN MY HEART (2002) 52 min. Directed by Mette Knudsen - A life affirming and entertaining documentary about two beautiful and strong women from Uganda, living in Denmark. Judith is a haírdresser and Joyce a bartender. Both women carry a secret dream. - Danish distribution and sales: NILS VEST FILM International TV sales through Danish Radio TV International. - English version VHS

INUK WOMAN CITY BLUES (2002) 35 min. Directed by Laila Hansen. - The first Greenlandic documentary about one of Greenlands big problems: alcoholism, viewed through the eyes of Inuit women living in downtown Copenhagen, often homeless and spending most of their time in bars. - English or US version* DVD - International TV sales through Danish Radio TV International. For professional screenings a 26 min. version can also be obtained.

STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (1997) 58 min. Directed by Nils Vest - A dramatic documentary about a baroque church steeple with its strange spiriral spire and its stubborn architect Lauritz de Thurah. - Awarded as Best Educational Film on Art (Montreal Intl. Festival for Films on Art 1999) - English version (PAL) DVD , US version (NTSC) VHS only. - International TV sales through Danish Radio TV International.

A DEATH-JOINT (Danish page) (1993) 5 min. Directed by Nils Vest - A heavy smoker watching the TV, yelling at the dog, drinking beers and preparing a hash pipe whereafter he experiences several kinds of existential transformations. - Directors comment: "The Danish reply to Terminator 2". Spectator's comment: "This film is really heavy stuff. I'll better take a pause with smoking, till to-morrow morning at least."

CHRISTIANIA, YOU HAVE MY HEART (1991) 62 min. Directed by Nils Vest - The film classic about the life and history of the squattered free city of Copenhagen. - Jurys Special Prize (Pärnu Fest. of Visual Anthropology 1992) - Danish distribution through the Danish Film Institute. - English version (PAL) DVD , US version (NTSC) VHS only.

EARTH TO EARTH (Danish page) (1983) 45 min. Directed by Nils Vest - The dramatic story about the stone mason Peder Madsen who in 1888 founded the first Danish union for smallholders, on the island of Samsø. - Reviews: "A wonderfully well told and entertaining film"/Anders Bodelsen, Politiken. "As a political document stronger than anything I can immediately remember"/Hans Holmberg, Jyllands-Posten. "Informative, engaged and constantly suggestive"/Henrik Lundgren, Weekendavisen. - Danish distribution through the Danish Film Institute. English version (PAL) VHS

FIVE DAYS FOR PEACE (!973-78) 37 min. Directed by Nils Vest - In June 1973, NATO holds a Ministerial Council meeting in Copenhagen. During the days of meetings, platoons of soldiers appear in the streets displaying remarkable zeal in monitoring and combating "internal enemies" of NATO. In the evening a party is held in the Drill Hall of the Bådsmandsstræde Barracks on Christianshavn. – Only belatedly do people realize that these are not genuine soldiers, but the theatrical group SOLVOGNEN (CHARIOT OF THE SUN) which - from its base in Christiania - in its own untraditional way is demonstrating against the coup plans, among other things, that NATO has worked out for all member countries. - ”Wittily and intelligently done ... something as rare as a work of propaganda which even those not in agreement can find entertaining” / Ebbe Iversen, Berlingske Tidende. ”Down to the last detail, this is the perfect takeoff on every film bearing NATO's own signature. As a film it is something of a stroke of genius, and highly entertaining because it is so obviously complete humbug” / Henrik Jul Hansen, Information. ”The film pretends, manipulates and warns against manipulation in one ingenious mix.” / Anders Bodelsen, Politiken. - English version (PAL) DVD, US version (NTSC) DVD.

AN OPPRESSED PEOPLE IS ALWAYS RIGHT (Danish page) (1976) 45 min. Directed by Nils Vest - A description of life in the Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon, held together with an explanation of the conflict since WW1. Sadly enough still very relevant. Golden Medal at the Palestine Film Festival 1976. - Produced with support from the Danish Film Institute. English version (PAL) DVD