Born 1966. Nationality: Kalaaleq (Inuit) from Greenland.




1989: Actress. Tuukkaq Theatre, Denmark.

1995: Film making. European Film College, Denmark.

1996: Film making. Vancouver Film School, Canada.

1987, 89 - 93, 98: Worked with Silamiut Theatre Company of Greenland:

Actress, singer, songwriter, theatre plays writer, musicals, directing,

dramas for adults and kids, mask dancing, drama workshops.

Toured in Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Europe, USA and in Canada.


Through the years:

1985 - 1993: Written and directed for radio, theatre and TV in Greenland.

1994: Actress, C.I.T., Toronto, summer session.

1996: Performed and worked with different native artists in Vancouver.

1997: Freelance director of TV Commercials in Greenland. Awarded for the best commercial production in Greenland 1997. (Inuk Media).

1998: Writer and performer on Inuit Barock Chock, an opera, hip-hop, jazz/blues musical in Copenhagen.

EXTRA: Toured solo with mask dance, established and toured with own ensembles, worked on streets/street theatre. Workshops: Drama, physical training, mask dance, self -confidence training, storytelling.

TODAY: Just finished documentary film: INUK WOMAN CITY BLUES, supported by the Danish Film Institute, Ministry f Culture and Ministry of Social Affairs.

Performs experimental multi media Inuit mask dance with Simon Asmussen.