All over Europe, the ugly claws of racism are growing sharper every day. - A development which is highly deplorable. And dangerous for the peace and stability of European societies.

AFRICA IN MY HEARTis a counter image to this development. It reminds us of the fact that not all foreigners are islamic terrorists. It shows us that reality also consists of the joy in living, the will to achieve important goals in your life and exciting world music.Through the film we get to know people with whom we live next door, but who have become objects of hate instead of neighbours.

AFRICA IN MY HEART has a far greater impact on its viewers than countless newspaper articles or TV debates about racism

Meet two beautiful and unusual women from Uganda. Joyce Tusime Adyeri Muller comes from a royal family and today works as a bartender in a provincial town in the north of Denmark. Her elaborate coiffures are created by the extremely hard working Judith Achan in her lively and cheerful hairdressing saloon, where people meet, discuss and eat, and where hairdos with myriads of braides are a full-time job for three people.

The film portrays Judith’s and Joyce’s courage in life, their hard work and their admirable concern and love for other people. - Both women carry a secret dream.

Judith has adopted and raised her dead brother’s and sister’s 3 children. She is a hairdresser but in order to fulfill her dream, she also works nights in a chicken factory saving money to start a small school for free in her home village.

Next to her bartender job in Denmark, Joyce has also opened a bar, Café Chéri, in Kampala, and her dream is now to create a home for old people in her natal town in Uganda.

AFRICA IN MY HEART is a moving and entertaining documentary about two exceptional human beings.

In October 2002, the film opened in two Danish cinemas, and on November 4th, 2002, it was aired on DR2TV. - The press was unanimous in its praise.

What the PRESS wrote about


In October 20002, AFRICA IN MY HEART opened in two Danish cinemas, and on November 4th, 2002, it was aired on TV DR2. - The press was unanimous in its praise.

**** “A captivating portrait of two strong and beautiful women. A sensitive film - wonderful to be informed without being lectured.“ (Ebbe Iversen, Berlingske Tidende)

**** “A life-affirming portrait of two unusual women. You’re bound to be infused with the joie de vivre and courage of this film and its main characters.” (Bent Stenbakken, Nordjyske Stiftstidende)

“A life-affirming and encouraging film. A strong and meaningful presentation of unusual lives in Denmark.” (Johs. H. Christensen, Jyllands-Posten)

“Lots of contagious energy ” (Lars Movin, Information)

“Mette Knudsen’s deeply life-affirming film makes us feel warm and open towards our immigrants from exotic parts of the world. Yes, Judith and Joyce exist. They’re Africans. They live in Denmark. And I’m glad that they do!” (Carsten Clante, DRP1 Denmark’s foremost cultural radio channel).

“Africa in My Heart” is a damned good film. It ought to be shown again and again (Thomas Heurlin, Koncern TV)